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What is a Power Coating

Powder coating is a form of paint coating; unlike traditional paint coatings applied as a wet coating, powder coatings are applied as free-flowing dry powder paint.

How powder Coatings are applied

Before application of the powder coat is applied, the powder paint is electrostatically charged. Once the powder coating has been applied to an object, it is then baked in a specially designed oven that melts the powder coating and forms an incessant layer.

What powder Coatings are used for:

Powder coating is predominantly used for coating the metal surfaces of objects positioned outside and subject to environmental elements. Powder coatings are ideal for surfaces that require a hard finish, such as whiteware, aluminium, automobile and bicycle parts.

Benefits of powder coatings

Powder coatings offer a resilient alternative to conventional liquid paints by generating a thicker protective layer.

Unlike conventional liquid paints, powder coatings produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings. They do not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in liquid suspension.