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Powder Coatings

Domestic & Commercial

Powder Coating Repairs London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol

Our company specialises in in-house powder coatings, and on-site powder coat repair for powder coat finishes across the UK.

We regularly assist commercial and industrial sectors in all central UK locations, including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol.

Our powder coat services are available to any site in UK Nationwide.

Our ultra-resilient powder coatings are a brilliant alternative to less hardy liquid paints and perfectly suit clients' demands needing their white goods, aluminium, automobile and bicycle restored and protected. Powder coatings do not use a solvent propellant, so a lesser degree of hazardous waste and fumes are created during the painting process—ideal for clients that want tough, durable, long-term finish without the mess.

Our powder coatings and powder coating repair services are cost-effective and come with a guarantee of satisfaction. Application of powder coatings is carried out in house as they require special high-temperature ovens.

Powder coating can sometimes be repaired on-site using a specialist paint coating; this paint is specifically designed to restore the original product finish and is ideal for the restoration of powder coats.

Customer Reviews

We have used this company many times and what a great services they offer.From admin to site staff very professional would highly recommend.
Peter clay
Riolett UK is rated 5/5 based on 1 customer reviews.

We also provide comprehensive paint spraying services (click here to visit our spraying site) as well as preparation cleaning services (click here to visit our cleaning site) that are required before paint spraying can be initiated.

For more information or a free no-obligation quote for our professional powder coating repairs in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol or the surrounding areas we cover, please contact us today.