We are open & following gov.uk work guidelines by staying 2 metres away from other people.
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Riolett UK - Terms and Conditions

By using our services or buying our products you agree to the following terms and conditions presented on this page. Any changes to our terms and conditions will be updated here.

  1. RIOLETT UK Have the right to change its Terms & Conditions at any time.
  2. Timesheets for day rate - or sign off sheets for completed works.

    Riolett UK will not take any responsibility for works if the above sheets are not signed by the QS or contact manager at the end of the day or job. If they are not on site to sign our sheets, we will assume they are 100% happy with all the work that has been completed.
  3. 1.1 By excepting Riolett UK QUOTE YOU ARE EXCEPTING ALL TERMS IN THEM.We do not except anyone else's terms on payments when you require Credit from Riolett uk. Any client of Riolett UK Who approaches Riolett uk staff or Subcontractors for their own gains will be prosecuted by Riolett uk.This is for a number of reason(.IE) insurance reasons.Using the Riolett Brand,Using Riolett uk Equipment and stock,Risk Assessments Health and Safety Policys,Riolett uk will take a zero tolerance on this.Riolett spend 1000s of pounds per month for the work they receive and we don't expect Any Client to be taking this route.we would like to say that we have a great relationship with our clients in the first place. All Riolett uk subcontractors and Employees have signed a written contract with us to prevent this sort of behaver from happening. So please be aware before you approach them
  4. 1.2 If Riolett UK quote a job thoughtout the winter or summer months this may change due to the time of year.
  5. 1.3 If Riolett UK do any spraying works and for any reason it's not to your full satisfaction please inform Riolett UK head office within 72 hours, this can be done via Email at info@riolett-services.co.uk. If you do not contact us within this time we will take it you are 100% happy with all works that have been carried out.Please make your site managers aware of signing any sign off sheets before checking all works and he/she are 100% happy with the works.
  6. 1.4 If Riolett UK is on site under a day rate and is unable to work due to the weather conditions a full day rate charge of £550.00 PLUS 20% VAT will still apply. Priced contracts (IE) NOT A DAY RATE) ANY OUTDOOR WORK WHERE THE WEATHER STOPS US FROM DOING THE JOB WE ARE ON SITE TO DO. Riolett will contact your office to let you know that we will not be on site if its (RAINING, BELOW 5C, SNOW,) If your company still wants Riolett UK ON SITE AND WE CAN NOT WORK A FULL DAY RATE OF £550.00 PLUS 20% VAT WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR INVOICE FOR THE LOST DAY. IF THIS IS A NIGHT RATE THEN IT WILL BE £750.00 If Riolett UK is on site under a day rate and all works are not finished due to the client not allowing the time scale for tasks to be completed. All monies invoiced will still need to be paid under the day rate terms, and conditions as your paying for labour and Riolett will have a day works sheet signed each day. Riolett will always advise how long they believe a job should take to complete. Any works carried out by Riolett Uk on a PRICE Contract. If for any reason your not happy with the work you will have 72 hours to contact Riolett by phone or email with all concerns. No monies will become due till Riolett as been back to the site and the customer is 100% satisfied with the outcome. If for any reason you sign our worksheets to state your 100% happy with the works carried out by Riolett UK we will take this as completed works so all invoices will become due as per your payment terms.

    Our day rate comprises of an 8 hour shift (this includes an hours lunch break) but if our staff decide to defer their lunch break and work through their lunch break they will leave an hour earlier as they have postponed their lunch break until the end of the shift.
  7. 1.5 Onto site to complete works and for any reason we can not work due to other workman scaffold or any other issues Riolett as the right to charge a day rate to cover time lost the full cost will be £650.00 plus VAT at 20% per day. Day rate may change depending on contract Night Rate £750.00 PLUS VAT
  8. 1.6 Any late payments will be charged at £10.00 Plus 20% VAT per day unless you have agreed longer terms with our accounts department . This will cover the time spent chasing your account. If you go back to your quote the link to all terms are written in bold
  9. 1.7 If for any reason you have a job booked in and you need to cancel we would need 3 days notice or the full day rate of £650.00 plus 20% VAT will be charged. This is due to the van being booked out to your self
  10. 1.8 It is the customers responsibility to make sure their is parking for Riolettt Vans when booked in for works. if this is not the case when the vans turns up on site their will be a day rate of £650.00 plus 20% VAT.Night Rate £750.00 plus VAT Our vans need to be close by due to paint and so on being mixed up.
  11. 1.9 Throughout Riolett UK providing any of their services all representative of Riolett UK will remain polite, courteous, reliable and professional at all times. If any representative of Riolett UK fails to adhere to this code of conduct you are to report this immediately to Riolett UK Head Office and also send in a letter detailing what happened. This in turn will be investigated internally and Riolett UK will write to you detailing the outcome of their investigation.
  12. 2.0 Riolett UK collects data from our customers in the form of Name, Address, Telephone Numbers and Email Address. This information is strictly for the use of Riolett UK and to assist in carrying out our services. At no time will your data ever be sold or passed on to 3rd party users. We respect our customers privacy, this information is kept in line with data protection regulations at all time.
  13. 2.1 Riolett UK and all operatives are comprehensively insured under our Public & Employers Liability Insurance Policy OF 10 million.
  14. 2.3 In accordance with Riolett UK Health & Safety policy documents are available at the customer's request; all risk assessments and method statements are supplied in return with all purchase order numbers.

    2.4 If you are not satisfied with our service please contact Riolett UK Head Office within 72 hours from date of works (0845 4635512) and also confirm your complaint in writing to our Head Office. An operative will rectify to your satisfaction within one week any poor work results or services. If any complaint is proven to not be as a result of our operatives, Riolett UK reserves the right to charge a call out charge of £275.00+VAT to cover expenses and time lost.

    2.5 Riolett Uk Guarantee is for 25 years on all wet spraying, with this guarantee you would need to have your building washed down every 12 MONTHS otherwise the guarantee will be invalid. Riolett can only Guarantee their own paint we can NOT put guarantees on paint that is not removed before we start to apply OUR paint. Please asked about prices to remove old paint when quoted. there will also be terms to the guarantee when issued once all work is completed .

    2.6 Riolett Uk terms on all invoices are strictly 14 days, unless this is discussed with Riolett Uk head office at time of job being booked in. Please look at the quote where it points you to terms other terms are available.

    2.7 Access is the responsibility of the customer unless discussed with Riolett UK at the time of Quote.

    2.8 All RAL colours are the responsibly of the customer and should be provided before a job takes place, Riolett UK will give advice on this if needed please call 0845 4635512.

    2.9 If Riolett UK receives a purchase order number and this is cancelled at a later date there will be a 50% charge of the Full invoice amount.If the job as started then the full 100% will be due.

    3.0 Cancellation of Riolett UK services must be done in writing and with confirmation from our Head Office that we have received your letter. You will be given a cancellation reference which ensures Riolett UK has received your letter. It is your responsibility to ensure Riolett UK receives your letter. Riolett UK is not responsible for any communication that is lost in the post or out of their control. You can also send your letter by e-mail to. info@riolett-services.co.uk. If Riolett UK is not notified within 48 hours of the job starting you will be charged a full day rate of £650.00+Vat per day-Night Rate £750.00 plus vat for the duration of the job.